Android game - Dead Effect 2 -Mod

Dead Effect 2 - the continuation of the space helper on the android, in which you can continue the battle with zombies, cyborgs and other enemies on the wandering spaceship. You will have the opportunity to improve your character all the time, implanting new implants and improving more than 40 weapons.For you, the developers have prepared 20 hours of story gameplay, during which you will destroy everything that moves.



Dead Effect 2 got a much better graphics of console quality compared to the first Dead Effect . All the replicas in the game were voiced by professional actors. Explore and you this huge ship, which behind every corner hides many dangers and crowds of eerie monsters. Enjoy the game in our fashion, in which we added a lot of money!

Features of hacking:

- Infinite lives, stamina, energy, ammunition, money and crystals;

- All glasses are unlocked and improved;

- Removed weapon recharge;

- Increased damage dealt;

- Killing a zombie with one blow;

- Sewn anti-bantam.