Android Game A zombie farm Mod Money

Zombie Farm - tells you about a very unusual love story, in which a zombie falls in love with a beautiful girl and in order to be in order to find a zombie. From this moment, 
and begins your journey through this colorful and alive world of zombies. To achieve its goal this zombie will not stop at nothing and is ready to even build entire cities and open more and more new territories.
In this strategy, you could still play in VC, Classmates or Facebook, and now it works on android. The game world has not changed and only expanded, and now you can build more buildings, grow new fruits and plants, discover new unexplored islands. 
In the "Zombie Farm" you will hire dozens of new employees, who will be surrounded by loggers, rockets, fishermen, treasure hunters and cooks. All these zombies will work together to achieve one common goal.

Game Android FarmVille 2 Rural Privacy Mod Money

FarmVille 2 Rural Privacy is one of the few farms on the android that can be proudly ranked among the best. It contains all the best that there is a farm building and breeding of lovely animals. 
Playing this wonderful game, you will always open new buildings and gain access to the breeding of new animals. Design yourself your ideal farm, literally start with a cog, unite in alliances with other farmers and trade on the market with products and meat that you have grown yourself.
And when you are fed up with farming, you can go fishing and catch a couple of good fish. In the game "FarmVille 2" there are many more activities that you can do besides basic tasks. Become the best farmer among your friends and take a worthy place in the world online ranking.

Features of fashion:
The game is hacked into a large number of keys. Hacking will not work. There is enable syncing with Fakebook!

Android Game Unkilled Mod apk

Unkilled is another dynamic shooter for android, which was presented to us by the developers of the mega-popular Daed Triger 2. Here you will play for a mercenary military named Joe, 
who will perform perhaps the most difficult task - to clean the streets of New York from walking zombies. Do this you will be for very short levels, which will be divided into districts and there will be approximately three hundred. At the end of each of the districts the boss will wait for you, 
most likely it will be a huge and almost invincible zombie mutant. And of course you will use many types of weapons, among which you will definitely find your favorite.
In the foreground in the game "Unkilled" the developers put the schedule and not lost. It looks really very beautiful, because there are dynamic shadows, textured surfaces with full reflection and it all works in HD. 
The game was even crammed for NVIDIA Tegra X1 processors, where you can enjoy even more special effects and deep details of shadows. In general, a good zombie shooter came out, which exactly replicates the old Daed Triger

Dispatcher:  MADFINGER Games
Version Android: 4.1 and higher
Language: English, 

Android Game Ocean Is Home Survival Island (endless money) Mod apk

Ocean Is Home Survival Island - this is the game that will get you to move to an uninhabited island, 
and make you feel all the horrors of survival in a wild and dangerous environment. You are waiting for an unforgettable experience, as well as a sea of ​​positive emotions, 
as in the game developers have made stunning landscapes, at the sight of which you find inner peace. Focus your attention on building a safe haven, because without it you can devour wild and terrible animals, 
and this ends your whole amazing story of survival. Feel for a moment "Robinson Crusoe", who day after day tried to return back to normal human life, and did everything necessary for this.
In "Ocean Is Home Survival Island" in order not to die of hunger and not become food of wild animals, you will have to go every day to find food, and very carefully calculate your resources. 
Explore new territories, make weapons, improve equipment, do everything necessary to stay alive, and quickly return home. In the game you can see excellent optimized graphics, as 
well as a good mechanics of survival on the island, which can not but please a lot of fans of this storyline. Try not to go mad with total loneliness, on this forgotten by God earth.

Features of hacking:
- Open a lot of money.
- Endless lives are available.
- Increased damage and radius.
- Increased speed.
- Available instant kraft.

Game Android Clash of Lords 2 Mod Apk

Create your own state in the epic strategy of Clash of Lords 2 on android - one with the most successful clones of Clash of Clans . 
Start building from scratch, develop a strong army, engage in battles with other players and unite in a guild in real time. 
Do the most effective protection of your territory so that other players can not steal you.
Choose in the game " Collision of Lords 2 " one with thirty-two heroes and pump it to perfection. Participate in raids to get easy money that you will take away in other villages. 
Go to the dungeons, which in the game will be more than a hundred. In the game, you can raise the rank in a special arena to battle with the players.

Android game Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk

Hungry Shark Evolution - a sea puzzle in which you play for the most dangerous sharks in the world. Walk all the way with this amazing marine animal from birth to death. 
Start the game with a small shark and grow a large ten-ton shark out of it, which is literally nothing scary. 
In Hangury Shark Evolution you will see many marine life and an unlimited underwater world.

That the shark in the  rapidly growing and developing it needs a lot of food (small fish, turtles and other small creatures), but do not forget that in a huge water world full of dangers and enemies. 
During the game, you will meet other sharks who have entered foreign territory and need to be overcome in a bloody battle. 
When the shark grows a little you can attack from small boats to huge ships. The choice will be available to five fish predators (white shark, shark hammer and the rest). In each level, 
perform various combos to earn even more coins and find treasures, in the depths of the sea, getting stones. For all this it is possible to pump a pet, making it faster and stronger. As a bonus, you can buy a lot of interesting clothes and souvenirs :)

Features :
- As many as five sharks, for growing and hunting for food;
- Great world for research;
- Collect many treasures on the bottom;
- More than forty missions;
- Beautiful three-dimensional processing and voice acting;
- Integration of social. Network (Facebook).
Disaster:  Future Games of London
Android version: 2.3 and above

Android game Battle of Castles Mod apk

Castle Clash is an epic-sized strategy that will surely interest you from the first minute. In the game, you can see the millennial confrontation of gnomes, elves, robots and also other monsters among themselves. Gather your own mighty army and become the strongest ruler. Build and destroy soldiers of enemies on their way to become the most powerful warrior in the game "Battle of the Castles".
As in all strategies, you need to upset the city, defend it from enemies, pump new units. Each building in the game needs to be improved by spending on it earned gold or manna. To your buildings were not quickly destroyed by enemy troops, they need to build closer to each other. Articles about gold, you can get it by mining in captured mines and boreholes, or by smashing the enemy and robbing him. In the game, you need to create more and more buildings all the time, expanding your territory and increasing the number of troops. From the beginning, only one barracks will be available to you, which you can expand and improve. In it you will create new soldiers for manna, train and improve their fighting skills for gold. A bit about the heroes, at the very beginning one hero is given, the rest you will buy. All the heroes can be seen on the Altars of Heroes. Each warrior must have a base and maximum for the fight you can use their 5 pieces. To improve the combat characteristics of the hero - you need to learn magic spells.
Castle Clash entered the top ten games in America and not once ranked first among the strategies for android. Most of the publications gave her the maximum score - 5, for the beautiful graphics, a good storyline and a lot of small joys.
Features :
- Simple touch control;
- Create an invincible army and dozens of different warriors;
- Build your buildings all the time, not letting the enemy capture you;
- Test your heroes with the characters of other players on the Death Arena;
- Beautiful and realistic battles.

Hill Climb Racing 2 apk mod

Hill Climb Racing 2 - Newton Bill again returned to the long-awaited continuation of the runner with realistic physics. He is again ready to conquer the most abandoned sections of the road and impassable roads that can only be found on our planet. In this game you will see even more machines, improvements and locations for passing. And improving and kostominizatsiya car - it's generally a separate topic, because the number of parts that you can install, you can enumerate endlessly.

In the new game you are waiting for hundreds of fascinating missions and opponents who are ready to tear to pieces on the racing tracks. In addition to the plot game, you can compete with off-road lovers from around the world. Win and collect a large number of bonuses, so that there is something to pump your favorite cars for. Become King Hill Climb Racing 2 by conquering any obstacles and winning all the championships in the game.

Features of hacking:
- With each purchase, money in the game increases (instead of decreasing);
- Everything in the game is unlocked (cars, parts, locations);
- Advertising is completely disabled

Guild of Heroes (endless improvements) apk mod

The Guild of Heroes is a real colorful RPG on an android with strong and brave heroes who are just waiting to go to meet dangers and adventures. You will have the opportunity to choose one of the three courageous heroes to fight the evil goblins, sinister sorcerers and huge powerful bosses. Learn to control the elements and learn all the magic to apply it in the most epic battles. Take in your hands a huge sword, a magic staff or a quick-firing bow to recover in the most interesting adventure.

The game "Guild of Heroes" is made in the best traditions of craft and transmits the whole atmosphere of the fictional Middle Ages, populated by dangerous monsters and powerful magicians. Here everyone can find his place and pave the way to fame and wealth. It is enough just to take the weapon in your hands and go to the deepest caves that can only be in this fairy-tale world. Become a living legend now!

Features of hacking:
- Automatically everything is unlocked;
- High rates for sale;
- Potions will not decrease;
- Potions will not decrease;
- Received free slots.